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Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners / QR Code Scanners

Barcode scanners are devices used to read barcodes. Most businesses buy QR code scanners for use during the checkout process. However, as we’ve discussed, they are also used for inventory management, whether that’s in your store or within a larger warehouse setting.

At PC Technologies Pakistan, you can buy barcode / QR code scanners of a different brand. Brands like Motorola, Honeywell, Symbol, Zebra, Zebex, Datalogic, etc are available at PC Technologies Pakistan.

1D and 2D Barcode Scanners

The scanners that retail businesses typically use fall into two major categories: One-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D). 1D scanners are the more traditional model. They can scan the standard barcodes you’re most familiar with. 2D scanners, however, can scan both barcodes and more complicated codes like QR codes. The one you choose depends on the type of codes you want to use, as well as your budget.

There are many different scanners and scanning technologies on the market today. The most commonly used variants consist of a red light source or laser that reads the data from barcode labels and feeds it into the POS system. The technical name for a scanning device that uses lasers is a Charge Coupled Device, also called a CCD reader or CCD scanner.

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