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Portable Data Terminal

Portable Data Terminal


A portable data terminal is a prompt product data collection device. The purpose of a PDT is to collect inventory data at warehouses for product receipt or expenditure registration. Logistics, couriers, and other big warehouses use portable data terminals to speed up their supply chain management systems.


PDT performs the collection of the data of the product via barcode or RFID mark reading. It also stores, accumulate, process, and transmit data to the informational system (database). Most of the models have data entering without keyboard functions. The operator collects the data.


There are multiple ways to connect PDT’s to computer systems. There is a specific stand that connects to the serial port, this stand can be a battery charger, an infrared port, Bluetooth, wired connections and access points WiFi, etc. Our high-end PDT’s come with android version 6.0 – 8.0. Low-end PDT’s come with their own built-in software that helps the data collection process easier and faster.

Portable Data Terminal Price in Pakistan:

PC Technologies deals in different brands of Portable Data Terminals. The most commonly used brands are Chainway, New-scan, and Trohestar. PDT’s of these brands are known for their high quality and advanced functionality.

Portable Data Terminal Price in Lahore

PC Technologies have offices in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. You can visit today to get a demo of our PDT. You can also request a solution to all your data collection needs.

Portable Data Terminal Price in Karachi

We provide cost-effective, the latest state of the art hardware. Please visit us today or order online.

Portable Data Terminal Price in Islamabad

PDT hardware is also available at our Islamabad outlet. You can also visit our Rawalpindi store to buy it. PDT price in Rawalpindi.

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