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RFID is the process by which items are uniquely identified using radio waves. NFC is a specialized subset within the family of Radio Frequency Identification technology. Specifically, NFC is a branch of High-Frequency (HF) and both operate at the 13.56 MHz frequency. NFC is designed to be a secure form of data exchange. An NFC device is capable of being both an NFC reader and an NFC tag writer. This unique feature allows NFC devices to communicate peer-to-peer.

RFID Technical Details:

Passive Radio Frequency Identification tags primarily operate at three frequency ranges:

  • Low Frequency (LF) 125 -134 kHz
  • High Frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz
  • Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) 856 MHz to 960 MHz

Near-field communication devices operate at the same frequency (13.56 MHz) as HF Radio Frequency Identification readers and tags. NFC devices must be in close proximity to each other with no more than a few centimeters. However, RFID can work at long range.

Also, NFC devices can read passive NFC tags. NFC devices are also able to read passive HF RFID tags that are compliant with ISO 15693.

PC Technologies Pakistan

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RFID Prices in Lahore

Our RFID solutions can be used in Parking Systems, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Industries, Warehouses, etc. Moreover, our RFID solutions are cost-effective. We guide our clients to the best of our knowledge before finalizing any project.

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RFID/NFC readers, writers, and all its accessories are available at PC Technologies. We are delivering to all areas of Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur. RFID in Pakistan.

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Rfid readers and hardware is also available at our Islamabad outlet. You can also visit our Rawalpindi store to buy it. RFID price in Rawalpindi.

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