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Thermal Printer

Thermal Receipt Printer in Pakistan

The thermal Receipt Printer is an important part of a point of sale (POS) system.  They are used in retail environments to print credit card slips and customer receipts. Restaurants also use ticket printers to print off orders back in the kitchen or at the bar.

At PC Technologies, you can buy receipt printers from our wide range of brands. Brands such as Epson, Citizen, XPrinter, PosX, Tysso, Rongta, etc are available at PC Technologies Pakistan.

Receipt Printer Price in Lahore

Different brands of a thermal receipt printer are available at our main Lahore office located at an ideal location of Gulberg in Hafeez Center.

Thermal Receipt Printer Price in Karachi

We are delivering all receipt printers all over Pakistan. You can buy any brand of receipt printer at your location in Karachi.

Receipt Printer Price in Islamabad

Thermal receipt printers are also available at our Islamabad outlet which is located in Blue Area.

Some details regarding Receipt Printers:

  • How will your receipt printer connect, or interface, with your computer?  The 3 types of interfaces are RS-232 Serial, Parallel, and USB. Make sure to think through what types and how many ports are available on your computer, as well as any other peripherals that will also need to be connected through the existing ports.
  • Is the receipt printer compatible with your POS software? Our printers are compatible with most of the POS software.
  • Do you have or plan to implement a printer connected cash drawer?  All of our printers support the cash drawer which is plug n play.
  • Printer resolutions (DPI): Our printers have 203 Dpi.
  • Printer speed: The average speed of our Thermal ticket printer starts at 250 mm/s.
  • Does it use a tear bar or auto-cutter to cut the paper?  All our printers come with Auto-Cutters.
  • Changing paper rolls should be fast and easy, so you don’t ever have to keep customers waiting.

Buy only high-quality billing printers from PC Technologies Pakistan today and automate your business. PC Technologies Pakistan has branches in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

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