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Touch POS System


Touch POS systems are more intuitive and easy to learn than traditional legacy POS software. In order to beat out the competition, your restaurant’s atmosphere and experience are other important factors you must consider to keep your customers happy.

Our All-in-one POS systems provide merchants with pretty much everything they need in a POS, bundled together in one smartly designed configuration. Specific components vary, but our systems generally incorporate a touch screen all in one system while receipt printer, cash drawer, and magnetic stripe reader are optional.

Many cloud-based systems employ the same kind of iPad and Android tablets that your employees already use every day at home. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a retail outlet, or another type of business, a modern touchscreen POS system helps keep your sales moving and your business data secure.

Many retail establishments and restaurants have limited front counter space, but with our all-in-one touch POS systems, this doesn’t matter because the all-in-ones feature a smaller ergonomic footprint than their non-all-in-one counterparts. In addition to being more comfortable to use from a space standpoint, our all-in-one touch systems are simply easier to operate all around.

Besides simple point-of-sale features, most of these cloud-based systems also have advanced reporting capabilities, business management features, and integrations with other popular business software.

Arguably, the only problem with touchscreen point of sale systems is that there are so many different products to choose from. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Choose now from your highly customize-able machines to upgrade your business today. From Intel J1900 Quad Core to Intel i7, we have got it all.

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