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Barcode Scanner Honeywell YJ-5900

Barcode Scanner Honeywell YJ-5900


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Honeywell YJ-5900

  • Omni-directional / parallel-line mode.
  • Sleep Mode with IR Activation.
  • Stylish ID design.
  • High performance and quality with low failure rate.
  • Ideal choice for small to mid-volume scanning in retail applications.

Out of stock

Barcode Scanner Honeywell YJ-5900

Honeywell YJ-5900 Barcode Scanner

About YJ-5900:

Barcode Scanner Honeywell YJ-5900 targets the rapid growth of mid- to low- markets in the automatic data collection industry while providing a better alternative to users who look for easy data collection solutions. Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, YJ5900 features better performance and reliability compared to other low-cost vendors. Best prices of barcode readers in Pakistan. Barcode Scanner price in Pakistan. PC Technologies is offering the best prices of Honeywell barcode readers in Pakistan.

Honeywell YJ5900 Multi-directional Laser Barcode Scanner:

YJ5900, a multi-directional hands-free compact laser scanner with increased scanning performance is perfect for various convenience stores and specialty stores. YJ5900 provides aggressive first-pass scanning at 1650 scans/second, greatly increasing customer satisfaction and operator efficiency.

Honeywell YJ5900 Features:

  • Multi-directional / parallel-line mode in order to provide a high first-pass rate with easy and flexible operations.
  • Sleep Mode with IR Activation, however, effectively reduces power consumption.
  • Stylish ID design: Easily assembled and mounted onto various counter-tops and desktops, helping to conserve space.
  • High performance and quality with low failure rate so that it can provide maximum up-time.
  • An ideal choice for small to mid-volume scanning in the retail application. Ideal for convenience stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies, etc.
For detailed specifications, please read the product brochure.

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