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Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan PC11 Plus

Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan PC11 Plus


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Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan

Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan PC11 Plus Intelligent control. Phezer mini printer features an easy-to-use digital control panel that automatically switches to the printer mode. brand new model inkjet printer can solve the problem of insensitive screen, improper ink cartridge installation, ink shortage, ink-blocking, and inconvenient printing input. The printing is Smooth & Brightly Colored, and the ink does not block the ink outlet. So print is very clear and has Strong adhesion. Hand jet printer can print on any surface of boards, cartons, stone, pipe, cable, metal, glass, plastic, etc

Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan:

Print: The mini portable printer is made of high-quality phezer, which is very suitable for printing and printing. Sensitive LCD Touch Screen: The handheld inkjet printer has 4.3 inch LCD touch screen which is very easy to use and fast response interface, directly edits the content that needs to be printed, and it also can directly insert a USB flash drive to import print content. The handheld printer is suitable for printing digital, codes, barcodes, time, dates, counter, etc. The portable handheld printer comes with a high-definition quick-drying black ink cartridge. This handheld printer can print on a variety of materials, and meet a variety demand of printing work.

Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan:

Printing Speed 28ppm
Printing Range 2-12.7mm
Print Orientation Bidirectional printing
Operating System Built-in
Operating Language English, Chinese
Power Supply Mode Fast charge 3.0 adapter
Print Distance 2-5mm
Ink Type Water-based/72ml,Solvent/72ml
Print Content Time, Date, Counter, QR code, Barcode, Logo
Dimensions 24*12CM

Mini Inkjet Printer Price in Pakistan:

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