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Wireless Paging System

Wireless Paging System


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Wireless Paging System in Pakistan

Wireless Paging System provides restaurants, takeaways, food courts, and all self-service shops a perfect chance to avoid long waiting lines of customers to eliminate crowding. With 999-Channel Keypad Call Button. You can add more pagers at will as your business grows. Due to Covid19, social distancing has become difficult to do at shops and restaurants. With our wireless calling system for restaurants, it will be very easy to manage customers. All restaurants and other self-service shops can become queueless by using the wireless coaster pager system.

Restaurant Pager System Price in Pakistan:

  • Multiple functions contain vibration, flashing LEDs, and beepers. When the required number is called, the corresponding pager will vibrate and sound with flashing LEDs to remind the customer to get their food, and the food will no longer get cold.
  • Rechargeable battery: Built-in 16 battery charging slots for pager devices. Every pager has its own built-in rechargeable battery. The battery life of a pager device is at least 72 hours on standby and 36 hours in use.
  • Easy to add Wireless paging system includes 20pcs coaster pager device for customers and 1-999 channel keyboard for billing counter. You could add up to 999 pager devices at most. You will not have to worry about not having enough pager devices when your customer flow is increasing.
  • Stable Signal: Base frequency works on 433.92MHz radiofrequency. It is more stable to transmit between pagers and keypads. The transmission distance between the transmitter and the receiver is 300 ft indoors, and 1500ft in the open air, however, it also depends on the surrounding environment and obstacles.
  • Wide Usage: The wireless calling system can be used in hospitals, banks, restaurants, cafe shops, clinics, churches, or other queue occasions.

Why choose this wireless paging system?

1. Avoid queuing and crowding at your billing counter:

Guests won’t have to wait in line to receive their meals. You can manage your time while the meal is being prepared. You can find a seat or wait in a peaceful less crowded place. When the meal is done cooking, the staff will press your pager device number. Your pager device will vibrate and ring to remind you that the meal is ready to be received by the main counter.

2. Providing a quiet and comfortable dining environment to the guests. No queue at billing counters so restaurants can peacefully prepare the meal rather being in a hurry. The waiter does not have to yell and yell to find customers, allowing guests to enjoy the high-tech dining experience and human service.

3. Avoid disputes caused by queues in the queue and make the restaurant more civil.

Pager Device Price in Pakistan:

The pager device is available in Pakistan at PC Technologies at the best prices. We are offering the longest warranty and free home delivery in Lahore.

Wireless Paging System Price in Karachi:

The wireless calling system is an ideal solution for social distancing problems that are being faced by many restaurants in Karachi. You can now purchase our wireless guest calling system to enhance your restaurant, and takeaway services while following all SOPs.

Wireless Calling System Price in Islamabad:

Our wireless guest calling system is now available at our Islamabad and Rawalpindi outlets. Visit today for a demo and purchase.


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